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About Us

About GrioTees

The GrioTees brand was developed with an intent to create statement t-shirts that helps to bridge cultures, countries, and continents, all in the name of showcasing the beauty of African languages. GrioTees, LLC helps to change the perception of and how we hear, see, and communicate with each other by giving additional attention to these languages and affirming its place in the world.  GrioTees also helps join the efforts to keep African languages alive.  GrioTees gives a home for those that are seeking it; GrioTees validates you and your unique story.  This brand is for the open-minded, those who have curiosity and love for the good in the African culture, across the African Diaspora. 


About Ada Dieke, Founder of GrioTees, LLC 

Ada Dieke is an inquisitive right-brained woman in a left-brained world, passionate about many things including global cultures, history, languages, dance, data collection/assessments, and different forms of stylistic expression.  Ada also loves education; a friend once told her she should be an elementary schoolteacher someday because of her love for educating in entertaining ways.  She created GrioTees to help fill a creative void in her own life and also a niche in the world.  GrioTees melds many of her passions and her values into one, and also helps people connect and learn African languages, in a fun, stylish way.  Ada may just be following in the path of her late Nigerian grandmother when it comes to education and languages.  Learning that her grandmother spoke more than 4 languages not only amazed Ada, but it explained her own ear for different languages, and fueled her development of GrioTees.  Ada hopes GrioTees will shine as her way of impacting the world.



This project could not have been implemented without the support, encouragement, and contributions from many people.  I dedicate this project to my Mommy and Daddy and my siblings and my friends who helped so much along the way.  




Charitable Cause

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