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We have a variety of offerings in the Amharic language.  For more information, check out our GrioTees Blog, but for now here are some fast facts about Amharic.

  • Amharic is the language of the Amhara people who mostly live in Ethiopia in East Africa.
  • Amhara comes from the word “Amari” which means “pleasing, agreeable, beautiful, gracious."
  • Amharic belongs to the South Semitic group of languages and is related to Arabic and Hebrew.  If you speak Arabic, you may recognize some of the Amharic words!
  • Amharic has some relation to the Tigre language that is spoken by people in Eritrea.
  • Amharic is related to Ge’ez language (Ge’ez has some ancient symbols too which is so cool) and Cushitic language.  AND it is considered a descendant of the Afroasiatic language spoken across North Africa, East Africa, and the Arabian peninsula
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