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We have a variety of offerings in Igbo Language.  These make great gifts as well.  For more information on Igbo, check out our GrioTees blog, but for now here are some fast facts:

  • Igbo (pronounced ee-bo) is spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria, who are usually located in the Southeast part of Nigeria.
  • Igbo is one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria, the 2nd largest according to some sources
  • Igbo is spoken in other parts of the world including Brazil, Jamaica, USA, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, and Ghana
  • Some Jamaican Patois came from Igbo words
  • Igbo is in the Niger-Congo language family
  • Igbo language has an ancient form Nsibidi, which uses symbols.
  • Igbo language is of course interconnected with Igbo culture and proverbs
  • Special shout out to UMU IGBO UNITE, an organization that aims to prevent the extinction of Igbo language by sharing Igbo customs and traditions amongst the children of Igbo descent.
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