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The GrioTees brand is a movement to broaden the appreciation for beauty in the African Language. Share, connect, learn, and represent.

Welcome to Griotees!

The GrioTees Brand is Here!

GrioTees, LLC is a clothing brand dedicated to telling the story of YOU through the beauty of African languages. Languages connect people and showcase culture and identity. Like traditional West African "Griots" (pronounced 'gree-ohs') who served as oral historians and cultural safehouses, GrioTees allows the secure passage and remembrance of your heritage. Start the conversation about YOU with a statement t-shirt! 

Beauty in Language.

Language woven into the fabric of YOU

A Strong Statement

Without having to say a word.

A conversation starter

GrioTees is a brand that can integrate into many lifestyles

T-Shirt as an educational tool

GrioTees, LLC offers a variety of colors and designs to help you learn and express yourself

Style and Comfort