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The Languages of GrioTees: Igbo

Igbo language is loading first!  I am an Igbo gal, so I had to start with the Igbo people since that’s my heritage.  So you’ll be learning a bit more about me—actually we both will be learning about Igbo language and culture since there is still more for me to learn!

Fast facts about Igbo:

  • Igbo (pronounced ee-bo) is spoken by the Igbo people of Nigeria, who are usually located in the Southeast part of Nigeria.
  • Igbo is one of the major languages spoken in Nigeria, the 2nd largest according to some sources. About 24 million people speak it.
  • Igbo is spoken in other parts of the world including Brazil, Jamaica, USA, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon,  and Ghana
  • Some Jamaican Patois came from Igbo words
  • Igbo is in the Niger-Congo language family
  • There is an Igbo alphabet with 36 letters (28 consonants, 8 vowels) and has nasal and syllabic tones.  Keep watch on the GrioTees blog for links to Iearn Igbo and interviews with teachers of the Igbo language
  • Igbo language has an ancient form Nsibidi, which has symbols.
  • Igbo language is of course interconnected with Igbo culture and proverbs
  • Special shout out to UMU IGBO UNITE, an organization that aims to prevent the extinction of Igbo language by sharing Igbo customs and traditions amongst the children of Igbo descent.

I’d love to invite some actual Griots for a Q and A one day so stay tuned! And maybe I'll also take you on my journey to learning to speak Igbo fluently.  If you know of any good Igbo language learning resources, please share!

Shout out to my sister Chi, who helped compile all of this information. Image at right, courtesy of Wikimedia.

Resources to learn Igbo:

Umu Igbo Unite

Igbo language-Wikipedia

Ibo-Language Information &Resources https://www.alsintl.com/resources/languages/Ibo

Igbo language, alphabet and pronunciation-Omniglot https://omniglot.com/writing/Igbo.htm

Igbo About World Languages

Igbo Ethnologue

Igbo- languagesgulper.com https:www.languagesgulper.com/eng/Igbo.html

Igbo culture and Igbo language

Igbo People, Tribe, Language, Culture,Religion,Food,Women,Facts https://buzznigeria.com/5-things-everyone-should-should-know-about-Igbo-culture

Igbo-Introduction,Location,Language,Folklore,Religion,Major holidays, Rites of passage-World Culture Encyclopedia

 Igbo people

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